Episode 411 Play Through The Pain

Episode 411 Play Through The Pain

Episode 410 How To Trust The Lord In The Middle Of Your Pain

Episode 409 Where To Look When In Pain

Episode 408 How To Find Hope In The Midst Of Pain

Episode 407 Pain Hurts, But…

Faith Radio Interview about Dangerous Good

Listen to Kenny Luck on “The Meeting House” radio program with Bob Crittenden. On July 3rd, 2018 Kenny dives into his book “Dangerous Good” with Crittenden and discusses why his book is so important for men in these times.

The Second Mile Part 4

“Who is my neighbor?” Important question because we are called to love that person by Christ. But in today’s culture we publicly and privately pre-judge and pre-qualify people for a variety of self serving reasons before we help them that enable us to just walk by. Jesus teaches the opposite and challenges all of his followers to enter the lives of others inspite of how they might offend our sensibilities because that’s what he did with you! This concluding session of the Second Mile is not for the timid as men’s expert and pastor Kenny Luck concludes this study of the Jesus’ powerful message on authentic faith

Episode 407 How To Finish Strong

Episode 406 Be Tenacious

Episode 405 Dont Wait For Perfect Conditions