Episode 335 The Call To Connect

Episode 335 The Call To Connect

“Rich and poor have nothing to do with meeting need. For all are in need. And the man of God is supposed to recognize that Jesus is waiting behind that face. And some of you say, ‘Gosh, I really don’t see Jesus. I don’t connect with him. I don’t feel him.’ Want to know why? Because you never risked entering the needs of another person without expecting something back or to advance your agenda.”

Episode 334 Myth Busters About Greatness

“When you get into the lives of others, it is a sign to the whole world that you are operating under a higher authority. And the world goes back and goes (gasp) what in the world got into that guy? It is called a witness. Look at me. You follow a king who serves.”

Episode 333 The Path To Greatness

“It’s like man to want to be served. It’s like the Son of Man to serve. It’s like the sons of the King to serve. It’s the way to be. It’s what we do. It’s who we are. That when need comes into our zone of influence and we see it and we are the ones who are faced with it, we enter need to serve.

Episode 332 Lighten Each Other’s Load

“When we carry another man’s burdens, we are fulfilling the law of Christ. If I want to fulfill God’s will in my life, if I want to fulfill the law of Christ, I need to come alongside my brother. But you’re gonna have to overcome the training of culture, your own issues to help another man.”

That Someone Is You Part 2

You are alive at this time in history. You are placed in a specific part of the planet. You are given a unique set of family, work, and social connections. You are connected to God and His purposes. You have limited time, an unknown ending, and a scheduled debrief. The only question left is – will you fulfill your Kingdom mission God has assigned for you and show up in the lives of others.

Every man of God is called into the service of the Kingdom of God. That someone is YOU.

Part 2 of “THAT SOMEONE IS YOU” study with Pastor Kenny Luck

Broadcast Date 2/15/2018

Episode 331 The One We Really Want

“And if you give a man something to exchange his sights- something bigger, something other than just his problems to focus on, he’ll be going (Crying)… oh… and that’s eternity.

Episode 330 The Key To The Other Side Of Fear

“Broken masculinity is being exposed like you’ve never seen. This is a golden opportunity for a third wave- not broken Alpha male who serves himself and not soft Omega male who doesn’t know what strength is. The world is looking for a movement of men who are for God and who are for others.”

Episode 329 Why God Wants Us To Break Through The Barrier Of Fear

“Fear God, don’t fear man. Fear God, don’t fear circumstances. Are you crazy? You’re not going to stand before your past circumstances that never happened when you die. You’re not going to stand stand before your friends that you backed off from sharing who really are in Christ. They’re not going to be before you; God’s going to be before you.”

Episode 328 Getting To Mach One Faith

“A lot of us live in the subsonic space of the Christian life. And we kind of get to this barrier because we just don’t know what’s on the other side. God has called you to live a life of power, a life under his lordship, and a life in authority and that is the place you want to be. The devil fears a movement of God’s men who live at mach 1 loyalty.”

Episode 327 How To Get To The Other Side Of Fear

“Some of you are listening to me and you’re like, ‘I don’t know if I can trust Jesus Christ. I don’t know if I can put my faith in him that way. I don’t know if I can surrender all.’ You know who I can surrender to? A guy who surrendered all. I can surrender to a guy who surrendered all. You can trust him. God’s with you. The LORD is with us.”