Episode 262 Part Of You Is Evil

Episode 262 Part Of You Is Evil

“Have you acknowledged that there is a part of yourself that is evil? That there’s a part of you that’s broken. That there’s a part of you that is not going to be totally extracted from you. It’s called the sin nature. It’s called selfishness. Sin is just synonymous with selfishness.’”

Episode 261 Will Power Is Not Enough

“We have to get to that point where we realize that will power is an oxymoron. Key word: MORON. Right. It’s a fantasy to believe that simply because I intend to be better or live a better life or become a better person that you will.’”

Episode 260 It’s Time For Regime Change

“Guys ever heard of the phrase, ‘regime change’? When a man comes into Christ, there is full regime change. You can struggle with regime change, but you can’t change full regime change. You can fight it. You can resist it. But the reality is, there is a new sheriff in town.’”

Episode 259 God Is Not An Accessory

“ There’s this compartmentalization of life versus a full identification of life. Sort of like, ‘well, I’m going to step into Christ, but then I’m going to keep certain parts to myself. I’m going to keep the way I talk to my wife to myself. I’m going to keep the way I relate with her to myself. I’m going to keep my computer screen to myself. He’s not the Lord of my life, he’s an accessory of my life.’”

Episode 258 Get Out Of Self-Absorbed Religion

“And let me tell you, if you’re a non-believer and you’re listening to me right now, I feel you. Because I look at so many people who name the name of God but who don’t live out the life of God because it’s not really about God. I mean, they have religious words, but they don’t have religious ways privately. And if you have been confused by that, so am I.”

Episode 257 Stop Focusing On Self

“Men begin this quest for validation in culture. It goes with titles, and toys, and titles, and the car I drive, all in this quest for validation. In reality, it’s a desperate quest for validation, acceptance and affirmation.”

Episode 256 Start With Willingness

“And I know, he wants a new normal for you. He wants to take you to a new level. It’s not how many people have I led to Christ. It’s not how many quiet times I’ve had. It’s not any other criteria other than what God sees. Because man looks at actions and God looks at intentions. And God wants to know, are you willing?”

Episode 255 Give Up Trusting Self

“When we have the new normal, not only does our identity change, not only do our priorities change, not only do our loyalties change, and our thinking changes, and our relationship changes, and the way we approach other people changes, but what we say changes. Our message changes. Our message of our life, our message in our words.”

Episode 254 Get A New Identity

“When Jesus Christ invades a life like he invaded the Apostle Paul’s life. It’s a new normal. Because if it’s true, it changes everything. Truth is not a respecter of opinion. Truth is not a respecter of your feelings. Truth is not a respecter of your convenience or your comfort. It demands a response.”

Episode 253 God Needs To Work In You Before He Can Work Through You

“I remember in the fall of 1982 struggling with sexual integrity issues. And I had this split and I was so conflicted and I felt like such a total hypocrite. Because I couldn’t win the battle, seemingly, over this temptation. And I learned that my battle was every man’s battle. Amen?”