Episode 362 Be Tenacious

Episode 362 Be Tenacious

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Episode 360 Slow Down To See God

Episode 359 Find Your Priorities

Episode 358 Who Are You Listening To?

Episode 357 How To Use Failure To Grow

Episode 356 How To Find Success Through Skill Not Will

Episode 355 Faith Will Get You Through

Episode 354 Stepping Out In Faith

Tested Tough Part 4

Pressure reveals substance. What’s inside comes out in the fire of adversity. The question Tested Tough will answer in this session is this: “When faith is tested what exactly is God looking for in me and what does he want others to see? What makes a follower of Christ the “real deal” in God’s eyes? ” You might be surprised at the answer but not surprised at the simplicity and power of it. Are you ready to take the real deal test?