Strong D Part 4

Strong D Part 4

Usually a good discipline brings a good result. Not being disciplined usually brings a negative result.  Work out physically, your health improves.   Make sales calls, get more clients in the pipeline.  You get the picture.  Discipline yourself around making choices to love God and people, God’s plan and purposes come about in your life. Choose not to be disciplined in this way, then what?  Evil starts to have its way.  That’s the focus of this final session in our STRONG D series.  We are going to answer the question: Why does Satan love a spiritually undisciplined man? 

Strong D Part 3 – Audio Only

When men internalize the reality that they have limited time, an unknown ending, and a scheduled meeting with their Maker, it creates a certain energy and focus. The gravity of presenting an undisciplined life to God after your heart stops is a healthy and driving force of healthy spiritual discipline. Your spiritual life right now reflects your personal view of eternity. It’s time to connect the two with men’s expert and Pastor Kenny Luck in Part 3 STRONG “D.”

Strong D Part 2

When you discipline yourself to save money you are freer when you spend it.  When you discipline yourself to physically train you are freer to say yes to run a race or challenge yourself physically.  What happens you discipline yourself in knowing Christ?  How does that make you free as a man and follower?  Join men’s expert and Pastor Kenny Luck to learn why a disciplined commitment to Jesus is the best path to freedom and healthy masculinity.

Strong D Part 1

A spiritual life requires strong “D” – which stands for discipline. The difference between what we ought to do and actually do, between good intentions and good actions reflects the level of self discipline you have or the ability bring your energy under control for perceived higher purpose. If you love Jesus and are called to his higher purposes you are going to need some STRONG “D.” Get ready to sweat.

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Faith Radio Interview about Dangerous Good

Listen to Kenny Luck on “The Meeting House” radio program with Bob Crittenden. On July 3rd, 2018 Kenny dives into his book “Dangerous Good” with Crittenden and discusses why his book is so important for men in these times.