Strong D Part 4

Episode 399 Faith Will Get You Through

Episode 398 Stepping Out In Faith

The Second Mile Part 2

Following Jesus means going the 2nd mile-in every area of your life. In part two of this series, men’s expert and Pastor Kenny Luck discusses what it means to go the 2nd mile in your relationships and more specifically, how you handle conflict.

Episode 397 Overcoming Fear To Get What You Need

Episode 396 Don’t Pussyfoot With Sin

Episode 395 What’s Keeping You Down?

Episode 394 Keep Perspective

Episode 393 Just Say No

The Second Mile Part 1

When someone goes the extra mile it means they have surprised, shocked, or served us in an unexpected way. They stand out and are remembered. That is the life Christ calls us to live to advance His cause on earth. Join men’s expert and pastor Kenny Luck for this leadership series exploring The Second Mile.

Episode 392 How Suffering Works In You