Episode 370 Winning The Glory Of God

Episode 353 Overcoming Fear To Get What You Need

Episode 352 Don’t Pussyfoot With Sin

Episode 351 Whats Keeping You Down

Episode 350 How To Step Into The Unknown

“This is how you walk with God. You don’t focus on your limited abilities. You focus on God’s unlimited abilities. You let Him be who He says He is. You let Him be God in your life. And if He asks you to jump into the unknown, you’re going to jump into the unknown. That’s the plan of God. You’re going to take the initiative in God’s power and you’re going to leave the results to Him.”

Episode 349 Five Excuses Not To Live A Life Of Faith

“There is this envisioning process that when God calls us to do something, there is what we expect to happen but what God does not expect to happen. The supernatural invades the natural. Because the natural says, if I walk through fire, I’m going to get singed. But God clearly is saying, ‘No, you’re mine. This is going to be a different experience if I’m doing the asking.”

Tested Tough Part 3

To be Christ’s leader in the world, we have to surrender to Christ’s same process – we must embrace tests of faith and courage. In Part 3 of TESTED TOUGH we are reminded that when we choose God’s process we become like Christ. When we reject God’s process we become something less – less of a man and more like a boy. The world is desperate for strong men with strong character forged in the crucible of adversity. Don’t despair if you are suffering. God is making a man.

Episode 348 4 Marks of a God Pleaser (And You’ll Love #4)

“‘The Kingdom of God is advancing forcefully and forceful men lay hold of it.’ You know what the world is looking for? A movement worldwide of spirit empowered and forceful men. Not forceful, negative, judgmental men. But men who are forceful in how they love. Men who are forceful in their faith. Men who are who they say they are.”

Episode 347 The Trap Of Fearing Man

“When you suffer for the name of Christ, you’re never closer to Christ. When you sacrifice acceptance of men over acceptance from God, you’re never closer to Jesus. Why? Because Jesus suffered the rejection of men for the acceptance of God.”

Episode 346 Fear of Man vs. Fear of God

“And the Bible says that when you fear men over God, it’s a trap. It’s a snare. Why? Because you’re denying who you really are. You’re saying no to God and yes to fear and in the process, you’re putting man in God’s place. Because only God brings justice.”

Episode 348 Play Through The Pain

“You see how your obedience in the midst of your pain has incredible impact? But at the moment, many of you are just like saying, you know what though, I don’t feel like being obedient right now. I’m really thinking hard about to just go dive into sin. To go do something stupid. Can I just advise you brother? Just press the pause button. Because that’s just your emotions talking.”