Strong D Part 4

Episode 201: Get Rid Of The Middle Ground

“When you have the middle ground to go to, it creates vacillation or fluctuating spiritual commitment. It creates trepidation letting apprehension and panic rule your emotions about your mission. You see, that’s what the middle ground does.”

Episode 200: Take The Charge

“Manning up, do you know what it looks like? It’s where you stand up to the fears of men. It’s where you face up to your responsibilities to God, it’s where you give up living for yourself and living for God, it’s when you take up a purpose that is higher than yourself- the cause of your King. Amen? Then you become a leader and a man of influence. You see, that’s what manning up is. It’s just being responsible.”

Episode 206: Give Up To Take Up

“Well, but first let me accumulate enough money. Well, but first let me feel better about my bible knowledge and myself then I’ll be obedient and talk to that guy about the Lord. First let me- and fill in the blank. Your flesh and the devil are bombarding you with rationalizations and justifications for delaying obedience in the moment.”