Episode 411 Play Through The Pain

Episode 218 Three Killers Of Silence and What To Do About Them

“If there is an inability in your life to be silent, in order to connect, in order to listen, in order to hear, and in order to receive. If there is an inability to be silent, that, my friend, is unhealthy.”

Episode 217: My Way or The Jesus Way

“Here’s the point if you can’t stop, men. If you can’t be still, by your actions the message is, ‘I’m God’. Because you’re just being self-sufficient versus God-dependent. No time to stop and be still? Then there’s no need. No need for God? I’m God. Period.”

Episode 216: Five Signs You Don’t Have Margin In Your Life

“If you find yourself saying, ‘I’m slammed’ all the time, you’re not so much stating a fact as you are a priority. You find yourself saying, ‘but this really important’. You find yourself saying, ‘Hey honey, I”m going to be home late again.’ See, you find yourself saying stuff that tells everybody else, God and people in your life, that ‘I’m filling the margins of my life with stuff.’ ”

Episode 215: Five Things That Keep You From God

“And if you’re going to the church of self. And you say no to God and yes to self-sufficiency, I can with certainty predict the disintegration your relationship with God and with people.
Because there’s no such thing as a well connected self-centered man. It’s not possible.”

Episode 214: Becoming The Man God Intended You To Be

“You know what the big problem is with men, broken male culture worldwide? They’re insecure and afraid. And when men are insecure and afraid and they’re not filled up and secure in a relationship with God they get their security from things that harm people. You know that’s what we need more than anything in society with men? They need to be secure, forgiven, accepted.”

Episode 213: Where Will You Meet With God?

“God wants to meet with you often. That place of encounter, wherever you choose to make it. It could be at your desk at work before everybody arrives. It could be in your car. But you know, the heart of God does not change. The Bible says that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. And guess what? He misses His time with you.”

Episode 212: Wake Up And Detonate

“This time on Earth, you live in a hot battle zone. You’ve been deposited by God’s air calvary into the families, into the areas, and into the regions to fight. You have been dropped into a war. And God is saying, ‘Wake up! Detonate!’ ”

Episode 211: Calibrate Daily

“Am I spreading the knowledge of Christ through how I calibrate my heart, which then calibrates my character, which then directs my conduct, which leads to choices, which leads to consequences. The main consequence that is to be exploding out of your life is that you are to bring a knowledge of Him to a world that needs him.”

Episode 210: What Is Going To Explode Out Of You

“So guys, if we’re a box of dynamite, what is the C4 that is going to explode out of you? Is it the self-driven life? Is it self-sufficiency? Is it me? What is it? The Bible says, exchange that for the Spirit of God and put off that old guy. It’s not somebody you wink and shake hands with. No. We boot him.”

Episode 209: How To Have A Better Blast Zone

“Guys, the secret to creating a new blast zone is this- you must marinate your mind in this book. So my question to you is, what is the predominate ingredient in you mental marinade that informs and flavors the way you think?”