Strong D Part 4

Episode 252 Recognize That God Loves You

Do you know that God loves you?

Episode 251 Champion The Cause

Episode 250 Don’t Shrink Back

What enslaves you?

Episode 249 Lead Others Toward Opportunity

Are you ready to lead people to opportunity?

Episode 248 You Are Chosen To Make A Lasting Impact

“If I am not impacting people, I am not bearing fruit that lasts. Who are you reaching? Or is it all about you? Are you reaching your kids? Are you reaching your wife? Are you reaching your neighbor? Are you reaching the unconnected man? Or is it all about you?”

Episode 247 Performance vs Faithfulness

“What I love about the word faithful is that there’s not number associated with it. Jesus didn’t say, “well done good and high performing servant.” He didn’t say that. He said, “well done good and faithful servant”. So my question to you is- do you realize that you’re accountable to God? Secondly, are you being faithful?”

Episode 246 Get An Eternal Perspective

“Are you taking your place? Is your life the light of men like it was of Jesus? Do they know that you have a mindset of eternity? Is your vapor trail marked as they see you in this life making your vapor trail- that is going to vanish? And what… what do they smell?”

Episode 245 Yield Before Wield

“Is He still the God of miracles? Does He still have authority over evil? Yes He does. Because you are in Christ and the blood of Christ was shed for you and covers you. And you are in Him and you have spiritual authority. Unless you’re yielded to the authority of God in your life, don’t expect the power of God to flow through you.”

Episode 244 Take Your Stand

“It’s my stand that I have to take, in my season of battle…with the circumstances and accessories that God has given me…as a husband as a father, as an employee. Not just to protect and to provide but to advance the Kingdom of God in myself and in my family, and in in my world-wherever I am, whoever’s in front of me-I am an agent of light.”

Episode 243 Six Things You Need To Take Your Place

“’And here’s an interesting thing- we need to get angry at ourselves. Some of you today need to say, ‘What am I doing? Why am I looking at porn? Why am I doing this? Why am I depersonalizing my wife? What am I doing? I’m God’s man! Forgive me for losing sight of you, Jesus.’ You need to get mad at yourself.”