Episode 335 The Call To Connect

Episode 326 Don’t Be Afraid. Just Believe

“There was a life that you thought that you intended to live. There was a dream that you thought that you would realize. And then all of the sudden, there’s an interruption that you didn’t count on. And a lot of times we listen to those voices that say, ‘ah, why bother?’ And then Jesus would want to say to all of us, ‘Don’t be Afraid. Just Believe.’ Because with God, all things are possible.”

Episode 325 The Fuel And The Fire

“And then, when God begins making you like Christ in your character, your conduct begins to change and if you’re a follower of Jesus, wherever you are, the Holy Spirit is. Because the Holy Spirit lives in you. And wherever the Holy Spirit is there is a mission to set people free.”

Episode 324 Being Fully Secure

“A man who knows when he looks in the mirror that he is imperfect and flawed and makes mistakes and all of those flaws and mistakes have been swallowed up by eternal love and grace is a man who should give away more love and grace.”

That Someone Is YOU Part 1

We look around at a broken, messed up world and we lament at the suffering we see. God looks at it too, feels it too, and has someone perfectly placed who can make a difference. That someone is YOU.

Episode 323 The Model Of Security

“When I’m secure in God and I’m building that relationship, it doesn’t matter what church I go to or how much money I make, if I live or die. In Christ, I am a citizen of heaven, I have sonship, and total acceptance and that reality frees me to love people in my life more aggressively and sacrificially.”

Episode 322 The Power Of Acceptance

“Without power acceptance, you can’t have a powerful identity. And without a powerful identity, you are vulnerable to powerful insecurities. The opposite is true. If you have powerful inner acceptance what emerges from that powerful acceptance is a powerful identity that produces a powerful inner security which creates a strong person.”

Episode 321 The Secure Man vs The Insecure Man

“You don’t have to be Tiger Woods to be successful. And you can be successful if you are living out what you truly believe. That’s what we call a man of integrity. A man who lives out and is undivided between what he believes and how he really lives and thinks. It doesn’t matter if you are a Christian or a non-Christian, we say about that man, ‘at least he lives out what he believes’.”

Episode 320 Start Risking

“Can I encourage you as a man… as a follower of Jesus to stop retreating. Start risking by believing in the Gospel and what the Gospel has done in your life and what the Gospel can do in someone else’s life. Who is the last person that you shared Jesus Christ with? The way we get ready is we get about the Father’s business. We give up the world and we chase God. And we advance the Kingdom. ”

Episode 319 It’s Time To Get Ready

“So, let me ask you a question. Who are you serving? If we’re going to get ready by stop focusing on self and start serving others, are you serving in your first mile of service? Start with your wife. Start with your family. Are you serving them? Are you blessing them? Are you planting seeds? Do they see the character of Jesus Christ in you?”

The Main Things Part 4

In a family there are those who know more and are in charge and those who would do well to listen. In life there are those we seek out and listen to what they say because when we do we benefit. Life with God operates on that same common sense foundation. Because of who He is and who are we listen and obey. In fact, that is the truest sign that you know who He is and who you are. In God’s family, everything good comes from LISTENING and OBEYING.