Episode 411 Play Through The Pain

Episode 274 Who’s Performance Matters?

“There are a lot of people who stay right here. ‘Well, you know, I just want to get all smart about the Bible’. The knowledge in you is only good if the knowledge the goes through you to people. And there’s no knowledge in this book that’s more important to go in you and through you than the salvation by faith in Jesus Christ.”

Episode 273 You Can Never Write Anyone Off

“God wants everybody to be saved. You can never write anyone off. Some of you are like, ‘man, i’ve never done something like that.’ And then there’s some of you and you’ve shared your faith a little. You may have even gone on a missions trip. But, you need to get activated. It’s sort of like your radar is off. It’s like, well that’s someone else’s job, or that’s my pastor’s job. I’ll just bring them to church.”

Episode 272 When You Don’t Understand – Trust

“You’re in one of those situations and you’re like, ‘why is this happening?’ It doesn’t seem right, it doesn’t seem fair, it seems unjust. Yet, at the same time, because of the Gospel, our new normal is you know what? I don’t understand, but I know some things about you and I’m going to trust your choices for what you’re allowing to come to me.”

Episode 271 Take A Look Around You

“How has your relationship with Christ and what he has done for you increased your sensitivity of others to others and their relationship with God and where they’re at spiritually? And then, how sensitive are we to the spiritual destiny of others around us? How far are we willing to go?”

Target Acquired Part 4

God’s man is called to target and overcome evil within himself and in his world. Specifically, we are called to fight the good fight of the faith. Don’t enter this arena uninformed or ill-equipped. USE God’s weapons.

Watch the final segment in our 4 part series entitled Target Acquired.

Episode 270 How To Grow In Character In The 90% Of Life

“Sometimes in life, God is working and tinkering on you and the only thing that will do- the only thing that will create maturity and character is test, trial, delay, difficulty. Because it’s going to get you to look to him versus look to yourself. Look to your faith versus your feelings. And God will do whatever it takes to get the end product.”

Episode 269 There Are No Shortcuts To Character

“There is one thing that does not happen instantly- the deliverance of character. A lot of times we think, ‘Oh, well, if I’m in Christ, well then, I’m going to become mature right away.’ Now on that one, God wants to pound that out. Because you didn’t get into the way you are overnight, you’re not going to get out of it overnight. That doesn’t make anybody mature.”

Episode 268 How God Brings Good Out Of Evil

“And so oddly, in the midst of hell. There was an experience of liberty, of freedom, of finding out the truth and saying, ‘Oh God, you surely can bring something good out of something so evil’.”

Target Acquired Part 3

Smart men discipline themselves to target relationships for strengthening and intimacy. Why? Because they know that if they don’t do their relationships right they are not doing life right! They also know that at their funeral the people in their life will not be talking about their portfolio, their job title, where they vacationed, or how they served themselves. They WILL talk about how you gave life to them… or not. Join us for Target Acquired Part 3: RELATIONSHIPS.

Target Acquired Part 2

My heart is God’s target because my character is his biggest concern. People measure outward actions while God is measuring private intentions.