Strong D Part 4

Episode 293 Happy Relationships vs Healthy Relationships

“See, there’s a difference between happy relationships and healthy relationships. Health relationships have conflict and know how to do forgiveness. Happy relationships minimize the offense and resume the relationship while all of these trailing asteroids and issues are being dragged by the issue through the relationship. And guess what. Those rocks pile up.”

Episode 292 A Reflecting Man Is A Connecting Man

“A reflecting man is a connecting man. When you are a good self reflector. When you are able to look at yourself in the mirror first. And you’re honest with yourself and you do inventory in the same area that you are addressing in the relationship- trust me – that conversation will go ten times better.”

Episode 291 How To Transform Your Relationships

“Here’s a little mathematical formula- truth plus tact, plus timing equals transformation. You want your relationship to change? You’re gonna have to resolve conflict well. You gotta plan when you’re going to say stuff. What you’re going to say. How you say it. And truth plus tact plus timing equals a transformed relationship.”

The Other Side Of Fear Part 5

Episode 290 Fill Up With Love

“You’re filled with love or you’re filled with anger. And whatever is dominating your insides will leak on the outsides and dominate your interactions with people… at work, with your neighbor, with the person that needs you, with your wife, with your kids, it’s just going to leak out. So guess what? You gotta fill up on love.”

Episode 289 Why You Suck At Relationships

“God’s man should be great at relationships. He should love aggressively because he has been aggressively loved. We love because he first what? Loved us. See the connection? Burnin’ Love.”

Episode 288 Your Number One Objective

“Love is the primary objective of life. If you don’t know how to love, if you do not live a life of love. If you’re not good at relationships…. nothing you say, nothing you know, nothing you believe, nothing you give, or nothing you accomplish will matter.”

Episode 287 Love With Actions

“But love without deeds is simply indifference. You can blah blah blah it all day long but until people see you actually extend yourself and extend your hand and reach into their lives, the translation to them is, ‘he’s indifferent’. You know what the world needs? Guys who don’t substitute sympathy for action.”

Episode 286 Risk Affection For Others

“What is the general texture of your relationships? Not as how you would assess it but how would others around you assess you? Are you easy to be around? Are you affectionate in the same way that God has shown his affection toward you? And guys, we just gotta, we have a problem with this, we just gotta get over it!”

The Other Side Of Fear Part 4

Bible says that being a man-pleaser (caring more what others think about you than God) is a TRAP. Jesus’ critics could not deny one specific characteristic they saw in him. They said, “you aren’t swayed by men.” Are you? Join us for this powerful study about living on the other side of the fear of men.