Episode 411 Play Through The Pain

Episode 128 God Wants To Take You Higher

“For men, what’s easy about the spiritual life is attending church, or showing up and banging nails and doing some service project. That’s doable, it’s knowable. But this whole idea of embracing this guiding, mission critical partnership with the Holy Spirit is a process, frankly, that most men don’t pursue.”

Episode 307 Every Man 2018 Vision Cast

In this episode we cast a vision for what God is asking our ministry to do in 2018.

Episode 306 How To Be Used By God This Year

How does God want to use you in 2018?

Episode 305 The World Needs You

“If people are in crisis and the world is in crisis and there are situations where people need redemption… it requires leadership. And your leadership requires your presence. Your presence requires convictions. Your convictions require character. And then your character is expressed in your contribution.”

Episode 304 Confession Is not Manly… It’s Godly

“Now, would you say this with me? Confession is not manly. It’s Godly. You don’t look to the culture to get your cues on how you do life. You look to the Bible. And the Bible says that we confess. And that God wants us to be honest with him, honest with ourselves, and honest with others. And when we do that, that’s Godliness.”

Episode 303 It’s Time For Aggressive Confession

“To be clean, I have to come clean. God will use anybody. He’ll use a cracked pot. He’ll use a jar of clay. But he does require that the jar be clean. That the vessel be clean. And the only way to get clean is to come clean. And that’s why it’s now time for aggressive confession”

Episode 302 Two Core Convictions You Need

“You express those convictions in real time in real situations in real relationships in front of real temptations and real opportunities to compromise and you choose to love God and love people. And every time that you choose to love God and love people every decision that you make then contributes to your intuition. Then you develop a great gut.”

Episode 301 Start With Strong Convictions

“When people come to us for leadership how are we going to direct them? From what well of identity that has convictions do we give advice? We’re bad advisors if we have weak convictions. And let me tell you something, the world is in need of men who have the right convictions who give the right advice.”

Episode 300 God’s Clear Order For You

“Why is Christianity being passed by the whole world? Because there is not a visual manifestation of spiritual power and aggression in God’s men. Can you imagine 300 million activated Christian men living out in the character of Christ in this world? We’d turn it upside down. Jesus needed twelve. And he’s coming. Make no mistake.”

Episode 299 Aggressively Pursue God

“You have energy and God wants to use your energy. But it needs to have the right motive. If you’re God’s man, that’s your pursuit! Because to be aggressive means to pursue! What are you pursuing? You’re pursuing God’s heart first and foremost. God, who are you? What do you like? What do you dislike? What do you say is good? What do you say to avoid? What do you say to embrace?.”