Episode 380 Get IN The Game

Episode 282 Love Aggressively

“That when you experience in view of God’s mercy. you experience that. You begin to love aggressively. You start crossing borders and boundaries with people and wives and kids. That’s your new normal. God’s man knows how to love because he’s been deeply loved. He loves much because he has been forgiven much.”

Episode 281 Accepting Those Who Are Not Like You

“The measure of God’s man is not his behavior. The measure of a man is his willingness to, one, understand that he’s experienced mercy and he’s been accepted by God with all of his flaws. And then the expression of that comes with accepting people who are not like him.”

The Other Side Of Fear Part 3

Millions of men are winning the battle of images and losing the battles of life because they are afraid of sharing their real life issues with another man. Like many men in the news today, they are like icebergs – you only see the tip of their true life while the rest remains hidden. The result? Destruction. Join men’s expert and Pastor Kenny Luck for THE OTHER SIDE of fear.

Episode 280 What The World Is Waiting For

“Do you know what the currency that truly speaks that people really want to see in God’s men? It’s not their ability to make money, not their ability to do politics, not their ability to build businesses. You know that the world is waiting for men to do? Love. To know how to love aggressively.”

Episode 279 Government Is Not Dead

“If God is God and if He is sovereign, providential, omnipotent, omniscient, all knowing, has my best interests in mind- if He really is the sovereign ruler of the universe, then any political structure that he allows is therefore his purpose, whether we get that or not… Government is not God.”

Episode 278 So, You Think You’re Humble?

“As a man presents himself to God for change, as you stay in this relationship with God, as you humbly submit to your relationship to God. His areas where I have to sacrifice my agenda for his agenda, whatever the area is as I present myself and all of who I am and I’m squirming and I stay there on the altar… God begins to transform me.”

The Other Side Of Fear Part 2

Fear is a controlling force but only if we give it place and permission in our lives. God wants you to live in the power and freedom of his Spirit free of fear. He has done his part, join this livestream and learn your part with Pastor Kenny Luck.

Episode 277 How To Deal With Pride

“Guess what guys, fear is pride masquerading in another form”.

Episode 276 A Battle Worth Winning

“Is a relationship with God about what I do or is about that I accept his choosing of me and his grace? And when it’s about what I do all of a sudden now it becomes less about what God did and about what I do. And so then that minimizes what God did and it maximizes what I do. And isn’t that the language of pride? It exalts me.”

The Other Side Of Fear Part 1


If that is true then why do so many believing men live on the side fear versus faith? What has overtaken their vision and consequently taken over their spirit? If you want to break free from fear and experience Spirit-Empowered freedom and boldness join us this week at the CALL studies. Stop being a slave to fear. Start being a son of the King who prays and acts like Christ.