Strong D Part 4

Episode 315 Expect Persecution

“Do you know what makes salvation meaningful? Persecution. Persecution is the context of salvation. When you get there, overjoyed at being there and that bond when you look at the face of the suffering servant as you yourself suffered. And you’re overjoyed in the moment that you suffered together.”

Episode 314 Get Ready To Be Attacked

“We have to abandon this mentality that Christianity and comfort are synonymous. But you know, when Jesus called people to commit, he said, ‘Deny yourself. Pick up your cross. And follow me.’ That’s just like saying, ‘self limit, and go get your electric chair, and then come and follow me.’ It wasn’t for the wimpy.”

Episode 313 Start Thinking Straight

“Isn’t it easy when you are in the middle of a trial, a temptation, or delay, a difficulty, or a personal conflict to scenario build. And all of a sudden, you find yourself angry and bitter – versus what? Seeing the situation for what it is. Trying to reconcile and find agreement. Forgive. Release. Pray for that person and be healed.”

Episode 312 How To Define A Cult

“I’ll tell you how to define and target a cult. They add to the Gospel. They subtract from the person of Christ. They multiply the requirements to be saved. And they divide for themselves a separate future. These deceptions, these benevolent forces that are offered to man, they are from the Devil.”

Episode 311 Eject The Tapes Of Accusation

“You know what? I know who the accuser is. And he wants to exploit your own situation and your own negative feelings and he wants to take those hostage and make you a critical person and spread the misery. Versus what? Trust the LORD. Go and get his plan, and his power, and his presence towards your situation. And give away the encouragement, comfort, and acceptance that God has given you.”

The Main Things Part 2

God desires to have a conversation with you. The main thing in life is to be with God but when He speaks to us how does he want us to receive what he says? Join us for Part 2 of our series “The Main Things”. Find out exactly what He wants your reactions to His Word He is looking for.

Episode 310 Understanding Satan’s Strategy Of Accusation

“Satan doesn’t want you to hear the voice of God. And if he can get you not to hear the voice of God, you can play right into his strategy. You see, to believe in Jesus Christ means consequentially and directly you believe in a personal devil who’s goal is murder.”

Episode 309 Know Your Enemy

“When you look at the cultures of the world and you see evil dominating… the solution is not natural. The ultimate solution is the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, transforming people, transforming relationships, families, identities, and through that transforming cultures.”

Episode 308 Satan Is Real

“Jesus did not lay down. Jesus did not have a worldview that said, ‘well everything that’s happening to me has natural causes and natural solutions’. No, Jesus said there’s a murderer, liar, thief, robber, stealer, his name is Satan and he fought him with every ounce of his energy.”

Episode 132 Keep Short Accounts

Keep short accounts to keep your relationship healthy.