Episode 246 Get An Eternal Perspective

Episode 245 Yield Before Wield

“Is He still the God of miracles? Does He still have authority over evil? Yes He does. Because you are in Christ and the blood of Christ was shed for you and covers you. And you are in Him and you have spiritual authority. Unless you’re yielded to the authority of God in your life, don’t expect the power of God to flow through you.”

Episode 244 Take Your Stand

“It’s my stand that I have to take, in my season of battle…with the circumstances and accessories that God has given me…as a husband as a father, as an employee. Not just to protect and to provide but to advance the Kingdom of God in myself and in my family, and in in my world-wherever I am, whoever’s in front of me-I am an agent of light.”

Episode 243 Six Things You Need To Take Your Place

“’And here’s an interesting thing- we need to get angry at ourselves. Some of you today need to say, ‘What am I doing? Why am I looking at porn? Why am I doing this? Why am I depersonalizing my wife? What am I doing? I’m God’s man! Forgive me for losing sight of you, Jesus.’ You need to get mad at yourself.”

Episode 242 Ten Signs That You Are Out Of Place

“’I’m talking to some guys right now and you’re out of place. God is calling you back to take your place- as a God’s man who’s a husband, as a God’s man who’s a dad, as a God’s man who’s a neighbor. Because no one else can take the territory that only you can take and that God has assigned you to take in this hour. You can’t phone it in.”

Episode 241 How Not To Wreck Your Life

“’Here’s the thing. He didn’t wake up that day going, ‘Oh you know what, I want to wreck my life.’ It never starts off that way. He didn’t wake up saying, I’ want to destroy another person, I want to destroy another family’. None of those thoughts were in there. Why? Because he was out of place. He was like ‘well, you know, I’m gonna give myself these liberties’.”

Episode 240 The Mark Geist Interview Part 3

The Interview with Mark “Oz” Geist from 13 Hours The Benghazi Story Part 3

Episode 239 The Mark Geist Interview Part 2

The Interview with Mark “Oz” Geist from 13 Hours The Benghazi Story Part 2

Episode 238 The Mark Geist Interview Part 1

The Interview with Mark “Oz” Geist from 13 Hours The Benghazi Story Part 1

Episode 237 Being God’s Elite

“There are men who fear God. But then there are men who FEAR God. And put to their feet their belief and they step in to get dirty. They’re like God’s Marines. Beach landing? I’m there? Risk? I’m there. Adventure? I’m there. That’s who I want us to be, amen? That’s who we are. That’s who you are.”

Episode 236 Compassion Has Its Critics

“We are going to arouse the anger and visceral anger of satan as go in to the gap to build the wall. There are just types of satans and demons who hate the work of God, hate the work of the Church, hate the work of God’s kingdom, who hate the work that God is doing in your heart.”